Story Time

Stories are everywhere in our culture.

We may not spend as much time sitting around the campfire, enthralled by the magic of words brought to life by a master story teller.

But nevertheless, they are there.

They creep into our consciousness as we go about our daily lives.

A story can take the form of a song, or a picture.  Words on a page, or on a screen.  A solemn lecture, a whispered declaration of love.

The desire to tell stories, and to hear stories, is a fundamental part of being human.  It’s what connects us as people, it’s how we share our values, our philosophies, our experiences.  It’s how we learn.

And it’s particularly important that stories are passed on between generations, and cultures. Hearing about somebody’s experiences from a different time or place joins you with them.  And right now we need more of this – because surely when you have a shared history, it’s so much harder to hate.

What’s your story?

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