Sherbet-Inspired Sewing

Yes, you read that right.  Today I was inspired by sherbet to do some sewing.

You see, The Taco Lord reads.  A lot.   And to make life easier when we’re out and about, he received a shiny new Kindle for Christmas that’s small enough to fit in his shoulder bag.

All well and good. Except of course he carries other things in his shoulder bag.  Other messy things like sherbet.

As 10 year old boys do.

So after a particularly memorable afternoon cleaning sherbet out of his bag and kindle, we decided it was time to dig out the sewing machine and make him a cover.

We dug through my stash for this amazing faux-suede-fur type fabric (yes, that is the technical term), which would mean it wouldn’t need extra padding – and an hour (and much swearing) later, he had his bag.

It’s not perfect, but he loves it. And I have it on very good authority that it’s sherbet-proof.


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