About Natalie


1. Grew Up*

mainly in mining towns.  From Mount Isa, Australia (where the temperature regularly soared past 40° Celsius / 104 Fahrenheit) – to Hendrix Lake, Canada (where it was known to drop to -40°)

She fantasises about living somewhere moderate.

Bonus Fact: when you get down to -40° degrees, there is no difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

*not that she could actually call herself grown up

2. Lives

out of a suitcase, while travelling around the world with her family on their Great Big Glorious Grown Up Gap Year {GBGGUGY}

Of course, for someone who treasures a nest of her own, such a life was not actually in The Plan™.

However when you have the opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone, you must say yes. Always.

And so here we are.

Wherever ‘here’ may be.

3. Works

in qualitative market research.

Or at least that is what she does when not on The GBGGUGY.

For an introvert, she sometimes wonders whether it was wise picking a career that involves so much human contact.

However her work is interesting, flexible, and (most importantly) fun!

4. Married

to her best friend Paul – the man she has sworn to drink coffee with until the end of her days (as a Dutchman, he’s quite partial to the caffeinated brown beverage).

Bonus Fact: Paul is a wonderful photographer. You can see his website below:


VaderKip Photography Website

5. Mother

to The Taco Lord,  the bravest boy she knows.

This sensitive, smart, funny, precocious child has shaken and stirred her world in more ways than she can count, and she will be forever grateful.

Grateful and tired.

6. Eats

vegetarian food.

It’s been over 20 years since she ate meat*, although she does eat animal products such as eggs and dairy.

Occasionally she toys with the idea of being a vegan, however early experiments at this has made her realise that life is not worth living without cheese.

*well, except for that one time at the beach when the lure of fish & chips was simply too much to resist

7. Reads

whatever she can get her hands on.  She particularly loves:

  • Biographies (especially as relates to the lives of writers and artists)
  • “Literary fiction”, though doesn’t love the label that goes along with that particular genre. If she were in charge of the world, she would reclassify it as Writing So Beautiful It Makes You Cry™
  • Children’s fantasy series (that she ostensibly purchases for her son, and then spends a significant amount of time impatiently waiting for him to finish so that she can get her hands on them)

8. Writes

every day.

For over 20 years this has mainly consisted of corporate reports and proposals. However more recently she has remembered that she was supposed to be a fiction writer when she grew up. Fortunately she has not yet grown up, and so she still has time to fulfil this dream.

Her current writing genre of choice is middle grade fantasy. As such, she can often be found at her local book store, waving her credit card around while muttering something about “just doing research” and “won’t somebody think of the children”.

9. Learns

When not working, writing, reading, spending time with her family, eating cheese, and drinking coffee, Natalie likes to learn things. Anything really.

Over the years her interests have ranged from sewing, knitting, and crochet, to painting, drawing, and running. It’s not that she’s particularly talented at any of these things, but she really doesn’t want to die wondering.

As her father often said… “it’s a learning thing’